New Beginnings

So why paleo? I’ve been researching this for quite some time and finally decided to make the lifestyle change. I have a rather healthy exercise routine – whether yoga, cycling, or cardio, but my diet wasn’t matching up. I found myself always snacking things such as pita chips and hummus (my main weakness – I would uncontrollably consume scary amounts in one sitting which results in unnecessary calories), kettle chips, and all sorts of unnecessary and nutrient deficit processed foods.

A change had to be made and I’ve decided to see how paleo would affect my body overall. It’s day three so far and I’m already (surprisingly!) no longer cravings sweets and processed foods. The real test was last night at dinner, I was able to pass up the chips and salsa (which I must mention the restaurant’s chips are my favorite) and let it sit there the whole meal untouched!

I’m excited for this new beginning. It’s been an exciting three days so far and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Most importantly, I’m excited to use this blog to learn more and as a personal journal to reflect on my paleo in practice!


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