Avocado/Guacamole Stuffed Burgers

I love me some burgers, you know. I found this recipe from Civilized Caveman and it looked absolutely amazing. Avocado? In a burger? What? Done. You won me over. I decided to give it my own little spin, though. The recipe calls for two avocados just put into the middle of the burger. However, I made it into more of a guacamole.


I mashed the avocado in a bowl, squeezed the juice out of half a lime, and sprinkled a teaspoon of chili powder. Mixed it all up. How I made my burgers was create one thin patty, put some guacamole filling, and then creating another thin patty to sandwich the filling.

For the side dish, I cut up one pound of brussel sprouts into halves and tossed it in a skillet with coconut oil, salt, and pepper. It was too hot to labor over the stove for anything more than that.




One thought on “Avocado/Guacamole Stuffed Burgers

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