Almond Flour Crusted Tilapia

I came across a similar recipe here a while back and ever since its been in the back of my mind.

photo (23)

I did modify the recipe a little bit. I didn’t measure out anything exactly this time (sorry), my heads a little out of it from this fever/sore throat I’ve come down with. First, in a bowl whisk an egg, which the tilapia filet will be dipped in. Then, in a separate bowl, cover the tilapia in the flour mixture consisting of salt, pepper, almond meal/flour, and some garlic powder. Put it on a skillet with coconut oil and let it cook 4-5 minutes on each side or so. Garnished with some basil and squeezed some lemon juice for added flavor.

As for the side, I roasted some asparagus and brussel sprouts. So simple, yet SO good – drizzle some coconut oil, salt, and pepper on both the asparagus and brussel sprouts. Let it bake for 15 minutes or so (asparagus) and 30ish minutes for the brussel sprouts.

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