Not so much a recipe, but…tea!

I’m obsessed with tea. You’ll either find me drinking tea or water. My favorite are peppermint and licorice ones (kind of strange as its not everyones go to), but for some reason I love it. Sometimes on an off day, with some lemon juice and honey, it’ll make me feel so much better. However, I recently came across this blog post at, with her investigation about tea. This is really discouraging as I love Twinings tea. When I spent my time in London that’s all I found myself drinking. Even now back in the states I find myself reaching for that brand as well. However, after reading this I must reevaluate the tea I drink and find a better alternative. I just wanted to provide you guys with this interesting read I found on her blog. Her blog has a bunch of other interesting investigations as well – I love the information she provides. It’s all so important and really shows how we need to change the food industry. But I’ll save that argument for another time. Anyways, I apologize for the lack of recipes. I have been super overwhelmed with classes and work. I promise I will make a yummy recipe sometime soon, but in the meantime, go investigate your tea and report back! 

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