Paleo Ketchup

It’s almost Labor Day. No more white pants!! (Do people actually follow this rule?) Anyone doing anything special on this day off? I plan on enjoying this last day before classes start Tuesday. Last day  of summer! 

For dinner tonight, I had a side of sweet potato fries. Typically I season them with salt and pepper followed by a quick toss with coconut oil to roast. Today I tried something new and seasoned them with some salt and pepper, ground cumin, ground paprika, and garlic powder. Baked them into fries and served it with this ketchup recipe. 



Tastes just like Heinz ketchup, but without all of that sugar! Perfect. Also weird thought that came to mind..ketchup in Europe tasted really different in a strange way. Wasn’t much of a fan when I needed some ketchup with my fish and chips! 

Quick Tomato & Green Pepper Omelette

Came back from an early morning hot yoga starving. Looked into the refrigerator and scrambled up the fastest thing possible – omelette.



I apologize again for my lack in omelette (or anything for that matter) flipping skills. For a single serving I used two eggs, quarter of a tomato diced, quarter of green pepper diced, and lastly a pinch of salt and pepper. Throw it all in a skillet, flip in a few minutes, and that’s it. I love an omelette since you can throw almost everything and anything you like in it. I like a kick of heat in there with my eggs so I sprinkle crushed red pepper flakes. Brings a little more flavor to it.